Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sometimes it's fun to change things up.

So I decided I wanted to start over and create a whole new blog! The name Ribbon and Rhinestones just wasn't living up to the way I view my work and my life. The Cozy Farmhouse, on the other hand, better embodies the warm, vintage-inspired cozy life I want to live in every way possible! I'm not really sure what sparked this desire but it has been fun formulating new ideas and notions about what I want for a blog. I was thinking about what I love to see, as a reader of many different blogs, and it all comes back to the notion of lots of visual and creative inspiration. Nothing is more exciting than lots of fun images and ideas relating to scrapbooking, decorating, design, and life in general!

Currently, I am inspired by the loveliness of
Jennifer Johner and all of her gorgeous layouts!
Maggie Holmes' scrapbook style always gets me excited to play with lots of different embellishments!
Lizzy Kartchner of Creating Keepsakes' fame. I especially love to see her scrapbook room! Gorgeoussss...
Decor8 because where else can you find so many inspiring home decor ideas in one place? My flickr favorites are dominated by images from her!
Creature Comforts her photographs always have the warmest, coziest light imaginable. It's a visual dream come true for my eyes!

Last month 2Peas hosted a promotion where if you posted 20 layouts, you would receive a $20 credit to the 2Peas store. Nobody had to tell me twice! If there are free scrapbook supplies to be had, you better believe I am on it! haha! So, yesterday I finally got my order in and it was so fun to open a box of goodies! I can't wait to dig in and get to work...

I am now in my last semester of college, highly anticipating its end! I can't wait to start a new chapter in my life. Maybe make some real money? :) Even with the job market looking grim as ever, I am confident that things will work out. There are adventures to be had! I'm really looking forward to it. Stay tuned :)