Sunday, August 16, 2009

Busy Weekend!

Oh man, I am so happy to be back home after a VERY busy two days, spent furiously making more hair accessories and then organizing and selling them...phew! Paper Tales' Junque and Trunk Show was fun and inspiring and seriously exciting to shop at (see above and below)! It took my mom and I SIX hours to get to San Diego when in reality it should have only taken 2! Reminds me of going home for Thanksgiving this past fall - holy moly! But we made the best of it and I rekindled my love for San Diego.
The little details are always my favorite part of scrapbooking!
I was lucky to get a booth outside in the fresh air (I just wrote "hair" instead of "air" that a Freudian slip in marketing terms? haha!). So many vendors, such beautiful things.
Lots of Double Your Fun headbands!
All in all, it was a great experience and I got to see my favorite customer Gen!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Junque & Trunk Show!

This coming Saturday (August 15th), I will be in my beloved San Diego selling my hair accessories and other goodies at Paper Tales' Junque & Trunk Show! I am so excited to be a part of such a creative event! If you're in the neighborhood, be sure to pop on by! I have been working on lots of new designs and am curious to see how they will do...Check out the Paper Tales website for details and directions.

In other news, I had the most magical evening last night! My brother, his girlfriend, my boyfriend, and I went out in the backyard and laid on the lounge chair cushions on the ground and watched the Perseid Meteor Shower (I had to look that one up, haha!). I can't even explain how fun and cozy and magical it was! We all laid side-by-side, looking up at the night sky and laughing at John and Andy's hilarious antics. Even our pup Jake got in on the action and snuggled between Ashley and I - so sweet! Such a perfect way to end a great day! :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Been Gone So Long...

Whew! These past few weeks have been crazy! Lots of fun (and some not-so-fun) things have been happening and I am just here for the ride!
To name a few:

Temp-Job (no me gusta).
Softball games.
Seeing the taping of The Conan O'Brien Show (highlight!)
Lounging poolside.
Making lots and lots of crafty goodness.
Baking cupcakes.
Applying for a countless number of jobs.
Playing Taboo and Scattergories late into the night.
Seeing "Funny People" (love that Seth Rogen).
Cleaning and organizing.
Hunting down Dot's Cupcakes in Pasadena (THE cutest shop ever!).
Looking forward to Christmas.
Renewing my Disneyland Annual Pass.
Getting hooked on "Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood".
Lots of workouts at my favorite gym.
Getting ticket reservations for the September 14th taping of Conan - yesss!
Poring over Martha Stewart Weddings magazine.
Looking forward to seeing "Julie & Julia" this coming Friday!
Reserved my spot at Paper Tales' "Junque and Trunk" show next Saturday!
Loving the mix of clouds and humidity. Makes it feel like Disney World :)

Hope you all are having a wonderful summer! I will definitely be posting photos of all my projects very soon! :)