Sunday, May 17, 2009

Woke up so happy...

I am so thrilled that school is almost over for me...forever! I'm about to have some free time on my hands (at least for a little while) and I could not be more excited about life! I feel encouraged by the next chapter that's coming my way, regardless of what happens. It's a good feeling...I hope all is well for you too!

So despite my insanely hectic schedule last week (thank goodness that's over!), I have become OBSESSED with making jewelry! Hence, the charm bracelet above was something I just HAD to make. I love when I find new things to be excited about! Plus, I can actually use it! I have so many ideas about different pieces I want to make. I'm thinking I need something fun for graduation next week...still working on what that will entail, but I will keep you posted :) Speaking of graduation, I need to find a dress and shoes to wear under my cap and gown...I'm thinking a cute pair of gladiator sandals and a fun dress that I can wear all summer long. Today I am hitting up Fashion Valley!

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