Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy 09-09-09!

09-09-09...what a fun date! And today has been fun! I swear, I spent at least two hours browsing through Flickr and being endlessly inspired. Great way to start my day! I also went on a huge bike ride with a friend who is training for the biking leg of a triathlon. We have so much fun and see so much that you don't typically see as you whiz by in a car. It even smelled like fall! Talk about oh-happy-day for me! Haha! I find that the more time I spend outdoors, the happier I am. For instance, yesterday I had a terrible headache that I just couldn't shake but I knew if I went outside for a walk, things would get better. And they did! It ended up being a great way to start a wonderful evening. Now I am off to tutor Espanol! Have a fabulous day!

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