Friday, September 18, 2009

What's Not to Love About Friday?

Being that it is Friday and there are only FOUR days left until the first official day of Fall, I decided to put together a little list of things I am loving at the moment.

Exhibit A:
Oh, how I love Rachel Zoe and all things associated with this fashionista. Love her show, love her book, love all the sparkles, love her assistant Brad, love her newsletter, love her style theories, love her over-the-top wardrobe, LOVE her!

Exhibit B:
One late night, while cleaning up before bed, the images on the TV had me double-taking every 5 seconds. Finally, I decided to sit down and watch and became absolutely enthralled by this fabulous show on HGTV called Pure Design. I'm telling you, HGTV really scored major points in my book with this amazing show. I love the host and head designer, Samantha Pynn's shabby-chic/vintage-inspired style and take on eco-friendly design. I also love all the stunning visuals. Be sure to find out when it plays in your neck of the woods...

Exhibit C:
1. { the dim sum dollies }, 2. Untitled, 3. a girl and her camera, 4. Pretty Polka Dots, 5. Untitled, 6. log cabin ttv, 7. autumn day sp 9/17 ttv, 8. winter me sp 10/12, 9. 120708, 10. forsite, 11. bandopola1, 12. Just another Starbucks morning, 13. Concord, Massachusetts, 14. precious things, 15. Introducing "Late In the Afternoon", 16. The absolutely magical atmosphere at Harvard, 17. 77_polaroid, 18. happy love day. 218/365, 19. thursday loves* 2/19, 20. amy seely - singer/songwriter
Love my Flickr Faves! If only there were any hourly pay for finding favorites on Flickr...I would be rolling in it! Ha!

Exhibit D:
Newsletters from Anthropologie in my inbox make me one happy camper. I especially love when they interview their personal shoppers. It makes my style-loving heart skip a beat! And what's not to love about the gorgeous language and sentences like: "the glow of fireflies, hum of cicadas and crunch of sweet corn giving way to sharp air, turning leaves and shiny apples in just a few short weeks." Oh, I should have been an English major...

Exhibit E:
I have been a fan of Samantha Brown since her days as the host of "Great Hotels" and continue to be fascinated by her "Weekend Getaways" adventures. A recent favorite of mine was her weekend escape to Paris. Everything about it was so magical and the real kicker: hundreds of Parisians gather together every Friday night and go ROLLERBLADING through the streets of PARIS! I honestly believe that that would be my dream come true: rollerblading + traveling + Paris + the glow of the city = heaven in my book! If I can't travel myself, I will do it vicariously through Samantha! ;)

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