Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Autumn!

Lots of happy things as of late. A few things I've been up to...

Working my way back into the creative mode (and making a big happy mess in the process).

Long, wonderful bike rides with good friends.

Finding insightful and inspiring blogs to delve into.

Autumn has officially arrived (and brought along the Santa Ana's)!

Cooking yummy and healthy dinners with friends.

Laughing hysterically over Jimmy Fallon's dance moves during the Emmy's.

Seeing another live taping of our beloved Conan. This time with Charlize Theron and Dave Matthews Band! So. Much. Fun! (P.S. How cute are his wife's red shoes?? LOVE!)

Going with the flow and having faith that this is where we are supposed to be.

Planning a knitting lesson with John's super-crafty Grandma.

Getting ready for a huge garage sale this coming weekend.

Enjoying lots of time outdoors.

Savoring my Fall magazines. Especially Sunset Magazine. Reading about travel immediately sends me to my "happy place."

Trips to Trader Joe's. Stocking up on low-priced produce and wine. Yum.

Planning on going to yoga tonight. Loved it before and can't wait to do it again.

Cleaning the house today. Love the satisfaction I derive from a clean living space.

Finally finishing this layout. It has been in the works for at least a month and I finally decided to complete it.

Have a wonderful first day of Fall! I am off to clean while listening to my favorite podcasts and then hit the gym later for some happy workout time :)

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  1. Oh my gosh!! Sooo cute...I still havnt scraped my copy yet...we miss you!!!