Saturday, September 5, 2009

For the Love of Fall

Can I just say how excited I am that it's already SEPTEMBER? I am almost beside myself with anticipation for fall, so the mere fact that we are in September is really making me happy. I say this as the mercury hits over 100 degrees everyday and fires are raging nearby. Nonetheless, let's be grateful that sweaters and scarves and boots are about to make a comeback. Well, they kind of already are inching their way in. I try to rock a pair of boots at least once a day and scarves are always an excellent piece to the daily fashion puzzle. Sweaters...I'm still holding out for you! It's just too darn hot but I have faith I will be busting you out in no time soon! :)
Speaking of fall accessories, I just listed a bunch of new fall-inspired hair wear on my Etsy Shop, so be sure to have a look! The photo above features one of my new favorite headbands; one that I wear with just about everything (even to my softball games!). I promise you, I only make things that I would buy and wear (and I do wear!) myself. Despite my art school background and all the assignments that were made just to please the teacher, all I can do now is make things that I am in love with. Now I will step off my soapbox and continue on...haha :) Lately, John and I have been going on what we call "adventures." They usually occur once a week and often take place not too far from home. And they are seriously one of our best ideas yet! Two weeks ago we visited Moorpark (oh, approximately 15 minutes from home) and had such a wonderful day exploring places that we have never seen despite the close locale. For instance, how CUTE is this hair salon, as seen in the photo above? Absolutely adorable and right up my alley. This building features the common architectural style as seen on High Street - how dreamy is that? So charming and delightful, I must say. This past weekend we went to Ventura for a magical day of beach strolling, picnic lunching and shopping their gorgeous downtown area. I am in love! I recently had a fabulous dream where I worked at a creative job in Ventura - you never know, it might become reality!
Such happy campers we were! (Sigh...) I love our adventures...

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