Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Love to Plan Ahead

It should come as no surprise that I love Target. I love everything about it.

Question: What's better than walking out of a store with toothpaste, a new cocktail ring, a book, cough drops, ponytails, and a cake stand?
Answer: Nothing. Target is just plain FAB.

And to top it off, I am particularly in love with their Hollywood Intuition line that is chock-full of amazing things. Especially their gorgeous handbags at prices that even my measly budget can afford. So currently, I am trying to figure out which bag I want. Not that I need a new bag. But I want a new bag, and sometimes that's just as important as needing a new bag. I'm sure you fashionistas out there understand.

So I am torn between both of these bags, as seen above. Bag A would be perfect for trips to Disneyland, when I want to be hands-free and forced to edit what I actually bring. It's meant to be worn around the waist, like a fanny pack but fanny pack in the COOLEST, HIPPEST sense of the phrase. Bag B would be perfect for a weekend away, when you want to use it like an overnight bag. I can also imagine it as a perfect carry-on bag when flying. And despite the fact that I'm not exactly racking up the frequent flyer miles these days, I just like to entertain the thought of it.

Next weekend, I'm going to a wedding in San Diego and I already have dreams about what I will pack and what I will pack it in, etc. Bag B is looking like the ideal choice! I love the thought of filling it with a magazine, my camera, a scarf, snacks, pens and paper, sunscreen, etc. I love to pack and plan ahead for what I will need. Unpacking is a completely different story, but I digress.

Oh heck, I will probably just get both :)

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  1. Well, I hate unpacking too, LOL...
    I loved the smallest one, I prefer when my hands are free.